How Long Will My Claim Take?

It is difficult to give a definite answer because every personal injury claim is different and unique to you. Wherever possible, claims should be settled quickly. Neither side has anything to gain by dragging a claim out and the best option is always to negotiate a fair settlement as speedily as possible. How long a personal injury claim takes depends hugely on whether the person or company you are claiming against admits liability or not and whether they are prepared to be co-operative. If they do accept responsibility and are open to negotiation, a claim shouldn't take long, but where they deny being responsible for your accident or injury, additional investigations can take time.

It also depends on how seriously you are injured. Claims for minor injuries can often be settled quickly and easily, usually requiring just a medical report from a GP. If your accident claim is for a more serious injury, your solicitors will need to obtain medical reports confirming the full extent of your injuries and how these injuries will affect you in the future to ensure you are fully compensated.

The process has its own momentum from the moment your chosen solicitor contacts the other party to advise them of their intention to bring a compensation claim on your behalf, explaining why they think the other party are responsible for the accident and your injuries. Your solicitor will then begin to gather more facts and evidence about your case, such as arranging a medical examination for you, collecting witness statements and other relevant information about the accident and your injuries. The other party could respond in one of two ways to this initial contact by your solicitor:

  1. They may immediately concede liability and make an offer of compensation which all parties agree is acceptable (with some negotiation).
  2. They may deny liability or fail to make any offer at all, in which case further investigations into the accident will have to be carried out to ensure your claim has good prospects of winning.

How co-operative the other side is prepared to be will also make a big difference to the speed at which a claim moves forwards. Delays experienced in obtaining responses and offers can easily add several months to the overall duration of a claim. Another significant factor is whether or not the opponent is reasonable in their approach to negotiations. If an opponent makes an offer to settle a claim which your solicitor considers to be unreasonable, your legal team might recommend the issue of court proceedings to try and secure a more appropriate settlement, but this will of course prolong the process. Where the respective figures are not that far apart, you should consider the merits of proceeding to court and whether the additional delay that would cause is worth holding out for what may not be a huge amount of extra compensation.

I want to make a personal injury claim - what next?

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