How to Fund a Claim

This is one of the very first questions that we are asked when somebody contacts us to discuss making a personal injury claim. There are different options available but the vast majority of personal injury solicitors will initally discuss your claim on a no obligation basis, gather the facts surrounding your accident or injury and then advise you on your chances of making a successful compensation claim.

We can put you in touch in personal injury solicitors and when they contact you, they will give straightforward advice on how to fund a compensation claim, often at no cost to you. No win no fee means you can push on with your personal injury claim without having to worry about high legal costs. If you win your case, your solicitor will claim their legal costs and expenses from the other side, so you are assured of receiving 100% of your compensation.

Charges do vary between solicitors, depending on the experience and knowledge of the solicitor and the complexity of your particular case. Legal aid is no longer available for personal injury compensation cases, but if your claim is successful, the losing side should pay your legal costs. This is because under English law it’s the losing party who pays most of the winning side's legal costs as well as their own. The big question is - what if your personal injury claim is unsuccessful?

Solicitors are unlikely to try to persuade you to pursue a claim that they believe has no merit or little chance of success. That way, they make no money as they don’t get paid if you are unsuccessful! However, there may be times when a decision is tight and things aren’t quite so clear cut. In the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful (because we would have advised you about your chances of success at the very start) our personal injury solicitors don’t charge a penny for our legal costs. Any expenses or the other side’s costs that you may be required to pay should you lose would be covered by a policy of insurance that we'd take out on your behalf. We would never advise you to commence a claim we did not believe had merit and stood a good chance of success.

Don’t appoint a solicitor without making sure you get answers to the following questions about funding your claim:

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